Showcase tickets: Thriving in 2020


Thriving in 2020: Student Showcase
December 20th, 2020      7:00pm
Circus Kazoo pre-recorded showcase 
Zoom Viewing Event for Cast & Supporters

 Join us over the Zoom platform to celebrate circus skills & creativity when our students reveal their experiences of this challenging year. “Thriving in 2020” celebrates our common experiences, distant yet “in it” together.  We are wrapping up a year that stretched our creativity, pushed our abilities to persevere, and delivered a deep range of emotionality. Our amazing students are delighted to share in their performances  how 2020 impacted each of them.

When you purchase a family viewing package, include your email address AND a street address. A zoom link & password will be sent to the email address so the whole family can gather December 20th at 7:00pm to watch and celebrate the talents of the Circus Kazoo circus family together. Cast Posters from this show will be delivered to the street address when they are released from the printer as a keepsake of our alternative showcase.  Questions?

Thank you for your support of the circus arts, our efforts to bring you creative performance in the face of extreme challenges, and of the Circus Kazoo cast, staff, and circus family! We are SO grateful!!!

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