Aerial FIT – teen (SAT)


Welcome to CIRQUE FIT, the latest offering to our circus family!

This class is a great way to get a workout in while also having fun. We begin the class with a good stretch to get our bodies moving and prepared to go on the equipment. The stretching you learn in this class is great to do at home and the aerial work you do in the class will help you gain strength for your day-to-day life. This class is a lighthearted and fun class that encourages everyone to try and do their best!
Requirements: you must be 14 years or older!

If you’re tired of the workout you have have been trying, wanting something new, or even looking to take your circus skills to the next level, this class is for you. This class is a mixture of being ON equipment and working on technique, gaining strength while also conditioning on/off the equipment. We will prepare our bodies for more challenging skills. Students who want a physical challenge and desire results in their performance are the ideal participants. This class is a great way to show determination and push your body to the best version it can be!

In this fitness focused class, we will focus on stretching, strengthening, alignment, and stability. 
Classes may include stretching to grow awareness and alignment, aerials for strengthening and conditioning and ground work to build our cirque fit!We will conclude with stretching and cool down, focused on balance and posture. 

This class is adaptable to YOUR NEEDS so bring your goals with you to class!

Join Coach Eve to learn Aerial Arts! 
Classes will all include stretching, conditioning for strength building, and learning skills and transitions in the air.

classes are focused on learning basic aerial vocabulary, body awareness, conditioning basics, and safety while training circus. Aerials FIT for adults or youth also fits here. 

Level 2 classes extend learning into routines, transitions, and execution. They can ONLY be taken after at least one Level 1 aerial class has been completed. Students learn more complex skills and refine established ones already developed. This group includes cube,  cloudswing, and flow/sequencing classes  OR student requires an invitation from teacher (then communicated to Director)


All Students:   Please bring a water bottle, wear tight fitting clothes to invert (leotard highly suggested after intro level), keep hair pulled back and dress in layers for managing body temperature!
Covid Info:  Class will train in masks when the instructor requests and socially distant when ever possible. Coach Eve requires vaccination for all her students this session. Anyone that tests positive should contact the Director ( so classmates can be notified as well as follow current CDC protocol of 5 days quarantine & 5 days in mask (unless CDC policy changes).

Classes are held at Circus Kazoo:
100 S Atkinson Rd, Grayslake IL 60030
Show session: Jan 8th  – Sunday March 25th, 2023
No Class: Jan 16th & March 17th
SHOW Dates:This is a NON-SHOW session.
Please see the schedule below for specific classes by day.

Aerial Arts Schedule


Tuesdays with Coach Eve
Intro to aerial (youth 11& under)              4:15-5:15pm   (6 max)
Level 2  (mixed aerial 7yrs-13yrs)           5:30-6:30pm   (6 max)
Aerial Sequencing & Flow                       6:45-7:45pm   (6 max)
Adult Mixed Aerials                                 8:00-9:00pm   (10 max)


Sundays with Coach Eve
Aerial Fit adult/teen 14yrs+               2:00-3:00pm
All levels cloudswing & 3D Lyra        3:30-5:30pm


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