Wheel: Intro to Cyr (SAT)


The German Wheel/Cyr Wheel Program is currently leveled into recreational, performance, and  advanced to serve our participants better.

* Recreational  Program:
   for introduction level and non-competitive learners

     Youth Intro         7-14yrs               Fridays 5:00-6:00pm
    Adult Intro          14 yrs -adults     Fridays 7:30-8:30pm

* PerformanceSHOW Dates: May 21st at 10am & 4pm
Blocking is May 19: 5-7pm. Dress Rehearsal is May 20 4-6pm, Cast Party 6-7pm.
Grayslake Days Parade Aug  – 5pm call time at Grayslake Central High School,  pick up near Grayslake Feed Sales parking lot after parade
      Cyr Wheel –  14&up. –  12:00-2:00pm Saturdays
* Competition Wheel – “Level 2”
       (Participation in competitions expected)
       Designed for technical learning in Straightline,  Spiral,  &  Vault, and to participate in gymnastics meets throughout the academic year. Athletes are encouraged to have a long sleeve female or male leotard, wheel shoes & acquire their own belts.

     Youth 9-18yrs     Fri 6:00-7:30pm – Level 2 
Participants in Competition Team are encouraged to attend every week
to develop movement vocabulary in all disciplines and build/maintain routines. 


Recreational is a wheel introduction for our newest troupe members, or anyone not interested in the fast paced push for higher level skill acquisition to compete in gymnastics meets.
Performance is to focus on show (and parade) skills, partnering/group timing, musicality, and character exploration. Parade opportunities are farther travel events: Chicago, WI, etc.
Open Gym is to allow for free practice of skills currently training. Spotting is available
Advanced is a longer practice with emphasis on conditioning, gymnastics skill/shapes, faster paced drive for skill building, and the commitment to attending Team practices, Wheel Weekend Workshops (Oct 2023 & March 2023) and competing in Wheel Federation and local meets, once readiness and routines are established. There are 3 disciplines in competitive wheel gymnastics: vault, spiral and straightline. 

Our Wheel Club boasts Team USA athletes in Beginner Kids, Novice, Junior Boys, Junior Girls, and Senior Ladies on all three disciplines.

Coaching Staff:

National Champion Dave Ettelson, (Certified Wheel Coach Level 2)  and  National Champion Jennifer Richard (Certified Wheel Coach Level 1+, International Wheel Judge), National Champion Casey Crowe (& Certified Wheel Coach Level 1+), Brianna Promenzio (Jr Girls Team USA member, Level 1 coach) , and Griffin Martin (Jr Boys Team USA member), and Athena Haralambous (Level 1 coach & wheel performer), Jana Nettelbeck (German advanced coach)

Recreational, Performance & Advanced  Classes are held at Circus Kazoo:
100 S Atkinson Rd, Grayslake IL 60030
Show session: April 2th  – Sunday May 27th, 2023
No Class: April 9th (Easter)

Dates for wheel community participation:

  • Competitions:  local meet with Wheel Jam, MCS & Sokol in Chicago TBD
  • Parades: July 4th, Grayslake Days, Thanksgiving, 
  • Trials: Mar 2023 in Chicago
  • Nationals: October 2023 in Chicago
  • IRV Team Cup: Chicago, IL July 15, 2023
  • World Championships May 2024 in Israel
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