Performance Troupe – Stars


Time to learn some new skills &  transitions, and even make up a few new moves. This season in STARS will be focused on performance and show material, as well as skill building.  This group has required performance and occasional workshop & parade responsibilities.

Class is Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm at MAS
Dates: Sept 4,18,25 Oct 9,16,23
*** Note: No class
           Sept 11 or Oct 2 (Coach JBird is at the American Circus Educator’s conference!)
Show/Parades set so far:
~  Aug 18 – 5:30p meet at Grayslake Central, wear logo shirts

***** Please note that the Circus Athletes are encouraged to attend the Friday 8-9pm open gym at American Eagle Gymnastics in Round Lake ($5 each time) with their teammates to work on flips, tumbling etc to improve vaulting skills. Coach Dave will be in attendance to instruct & spot. 

Kazoo Circus Stars is an invite only group.
Please connect with JBird if interested and not yet part of this group!

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