Madison Acro Workshop, Single


J and Trevor and teaching two workshops on L-based pops and whips. Come to one, or come to both. Investment is $25 per person for one workshop or $40 per person for both.Workshop one:
“Whip it :
How I learned to stop worrying and love the pop”
12:00-2:00 pmThis workshop is suitable for people with experience L-basing, but may be new to or never done pops and whips before. We will teach safe progressions and spotting techniques to accomplish a few fundemental pops and a couple basic whips. By the end of this workshop you should feel confident in your ability to create a safe practice of these techniques on your own. For those with experience with pops and whips, we will give advanced variants to challenge you at your level.

Prerequisites: We will be working with dynamic movements from several different positions. It is therefore important that you not only have familiarity with, but confidence in your ability to base/fly:

Bird, Star, Straddle Bat, Throne/Chair, Reverse Throne, Free Shoulderstand and/or Reverse Star, foot-to-hand, whale, and bird on hands.

Workshop two:
“and Whip it Good!”
2:30-4:30 pm

This second workshop will build off of the skills we developed in workshop one. Potential goals will include Icarian style pops (complete disconnection of base and flyer) as well as combing pops and whips (linking the catch of a pop into a whip), as well as creating a Popping machine (a washing machine that uses a pop in it’s cycle).

Prerequisites: This workshop assumes a minimum of familiarity with pops and whips. A participant needs to have already worked with pops and whips before, or have attended the first workshop to attend this one.

Suggested training tool Catherine’s wheel:
This washing machine incorporates several movements we will use in the workshop. Being able to do this WM is not a requirement to attend, but it will help improve your experience.