Easycues Workshop – Single


Feel like the kids are hanging from the rafters like WILD THINGS? Circus Kazoo is thrilled to bring you this Easycues Workshop with behavior expert Nancy Rae for just $75 single participant or $100 for a domestic couple!
Get a babysitter for the kids at home and then run over to MAS to step up your discipline at home or in the classroom. Movement Arts Space: 100 S Aktinson Rd. Grayslake IL 60030
Come with questions, stay for nibbles, leave with amazing discipline knowledge!
More about Easycues: easycues.com
With Easycues, behaviors change creating an awareness of when their self-regulating skills are needed and with that support creates positive awareness and better choices increase.
Easycues is a behavior managing technique that uses cueing to help kids practice self-regulating. Easycues replaces shame, blame, warnings and fear with internal motivation linking good feelings to promote change. Easycues builds positive relationships between kids and people of authority. It’s easily understood and it works!
With Easycues, you feel more in control and confident managing whatever behaviors arise. You are taught to locate discipline and nurturing moments and respond in a consistent, calm and systematic way leaving students with positive feelings and responsibility for their own choices.
Nancy is currently writing a book about her Easy Cues material and will be taking pre-orders at the workshop.