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12_6_15 Sweet Troupe


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American Circus Educators

ACE EdCon was awesome this year. Thanks to the fine folks at Circus Center who hosted, at AYCO who planned, and to presenters for sharing their tips, tricks, and love for this art form.

Launching a Performance Troup!

After several years of requests for circus performers, Kazoo is gathering a troupe for performances at venues and home shows. Sound fun? Ask your Kazoo coach for more details...

Creatures 2016

AE2 plate spinjoshuasara 13 spins


Come to do Acro at MAS!
Intro Level Class - Wed 6:30-8p
Intro Level Jam Wed 8-9:30p
Intermediate Class - Tues 12-3p
Intermediate Jam 2016 Dates:
10/21, 11/4, 11/18, 12/2, 12/16

group shoulder stand     

Why Circus Works.

(Check out what fires us up! Clip below to watch a short clip inspired by Dr. Reg Bolton)

The Circus 1934- Joan Miro


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